New Contact Info

We have moved our Guild office to CWA Local 4100. Our new address is 2441 W. Grand Blvd, suite 204, Detroit, MI 48206

Our new office phone number is (313)- 502-0970

We Are Guild Strong


      You may not recognize the faces of the journalists at the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News. Look close and you’ll see they are a lot like you. And every day, they work hard to find the truth and report it. They do it so you — their families, friends and neighbors — can make informed decisions about your health, your safety, your money and your government. It’s a responsibility they take seriously.
     The Detroit Newspaper Guild, the union representing those journalists, is working to negotiate a new labor contract with the companies that own the Free Press and The News. It seeks to get the newspapers’ workers the same things you want from your employer: fair pay and affordable health care. To that end, the Guild asks you to support those journalists and defend our democratic way of life.
Special Thanks to Brian Kaufman for his wonderful work.